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The summer season is a time for relaxation, exploration and fun. Many young adults take advantage of the break from school to find work, earn a little extra cash and gain valuable experience. However, not all summer jobs are created equal. Some can be an absolute nightmare, filled with horror and terror that will haunt you for years to come.

Monsters Under Our Beds

As young children, we all feared the monsters that lurked under our beds or in our closets. As we grow, many of us realize that those fears were irrational and hold no real threat. However, the concept of "monsters" under our beds can take on a more deeper meaning as we navigate through life. 

Darkness Within Hides the Twisted Soul

The human mind is a complex entity. It holds aspirations, dreams, and hopes on one hand, while on the other, it harbors fears, anxieties, and dark thoughts. The darkness within us is not always visible, but it lingers within and influences our actions in ways we cannot imagine, affecting our relationships and decision-making process.