My Story

Hi, I'm Jay and American Male in the heart of vibrant Bangkok. I weave the magic of words as an English teacher at an esteemed International School. Amidst the hustle and bustle, I find solace in the world of literature, where every sentence carries the weight of stories untold.

Life has bestowed upon me the wisdom to be unapologetically honest. I wear my truth like a badge, for I believe that authenticity is the key to genuine connections. In the quiet corners of my classroom, I share not just the nuances of language but also the values that define my character.

Beyond the whiteboard and textbooks, I am a soul deeply rooted in strong family values. Loyalty and respect are the pillars that uphold the foundation of my relationships. A relentless worker, I pour my heart into everything I do, driven by the desire to create a better world, one day at a time.

My life is guided by a simple yet profound motto: "embrace, laugh, love, repeat." It encapsulates my approach to every chapter of life, embracing the beauty in every moment, finding joy in laughter, and nurturing a love that withstands the tests of time.

As the sun begins to set on my teaching career, I dream of a tranquil retirement, a chapter where I can trade the bustling city for the serenity of nature. I am looking to find a good woman to share what time God has granted me. I dream of a simple life, off the beaten path. I am open to the idea of expanding my family, I yearn for the laughter and warmth that children bring.

Life, however, has presented its share of challenges. My financial landscape has shifted, and I now navigate the ebb and flow of each payday. Despite the twists and turns, I am resilient, cultivating an online income with hopes of a more stable future.

The pages of my life story unfold gradually, and I anticipate the golden years when my retirement pension will be a well-deserved chapter, commencing at the age of 62.

In the midst of this journey, I have learned that love endures, resilience prevails, and the essence of a meaningful life lies in the pursuit of genuine connections and shared dreams.