My Story

My name is Jay Scovel, I am also know as Big Papa, and I express my passion for art via stunning photographs. The stunning temples in Thailand captured my eye and kept me wanting to come back for more. Each one provides unlimited inspiration, which is why so many people come to Thailand. As a photographer, I see my work as an opportunity to connect and express myself to people in a unique manner.

With my camera in hand, I feel like I can capture the world around me in an entirely new light by photographing it in its natural setting. By reading my story I hope we can connect and become friends.

I would love to share my tale with you, but the fact is that I am just a normal person who happens to have a camera. My name is Jay Scovel. Like most photographers, I find writing a biography to be a daunting process. It is all too easy for me to come out as overly serious when I speak. Since some people are curious about my background, I will tell you.

First, I Need to Say Thank You

I would like to offer a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has provided me with these wonderful chances. Approximately 30 years have passed since I first began working as a professional photographer. During my time in the United States Army, I was just 19 years old when it all began for me. Outside of Fort Knox, Kentucky, I bought my first camera at a pawn shop.

Having a camera with me always is something I like doing. I returned to North Carolina after finishing my military duty. The more I learn about photography, the more I want to take pictures of everything. At NYIP, I decided to pursue a degree in photography (New York Institute of Photography).

My First Studio Experience

In the year 2000, I opened my first business, Jay Scovel Photography. Starting as a "Family Photographer," I quickly broadened my horizons to include weddings as well. Because of this, I decided to become a wedding photographer.

Throughout my work as a photographer, I have been to a wide variety of locations. I have been traversing the globe in pursuit of stunning photo ops. I have been able to travels all over Southeast Asia. The country of Thailand has always been one of my favorite places to visit. I met and married my wife on one of my frequent trips to the region.

Restarting in 2021

As I began my adventure in 2021, I was aware that it would be difficult to establish a business for the second time. Discovering inventive solutions to problems calls for hard effort as well as intellect and the courage to attempt innovative approaches. My photography company had already been an enormous success for me. 30 years of professional work experience.

It is possible that starting again from scratch may be tough for me. I had found success and developed a strong brand, according to people closest to me. I am confident in my abilities, therefore. It was time to go back to work. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic

In memory of all those who have lost a loved one or a family member due to this horrible health catastrophe, my heart goes out to you. Even though no amount of money can replace the death of a loved one, Covid-19 has created financial hardship for people throughout the world.

The epidemic has had an impact on everyone on the earth. Like many of you, I was alarmed when the news of the virus spread. I thought about how the epidemic may impact people's lives and needs all around the world, and the precautions I would have to take to make it through.

After retiring in 2017, I had to give up my working life. It has been a blessing to be able to spend every day with the love of my life in since then. It is a balancing act between work and play just as in real life, business encounters difficulties. 

Most often, luxury goods are among the first to witness a decline in sales when the economy is shaky. Instead of backing down, as some others would have done, I went all in and started the campaign. The worst thing I could have done is panic. The will to keep on against my better judgment might be the difference between winning and losing this battle.